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The night was O.K. We were affraid of high altitude sickness (from 1600m to 4200m within the one day), but probably our yesterday's ascend to mountain pass and then descend for sleep was a good idea. Very early morning we went again to pass to see sunrise. It is worth to climb summint on the right (eastern) side of the pass with a stunning view of the Pico Bolivar.

Full of energy we continued on the rocky ridge with plans to reach Pico Espejo 4765m. Path disappeared and we were climbing through endless labyrinth of rocky ridges and slots. According map trail should exist, but does not. Later we found that main ascend to Pico Bolivar goes from Loma Redonda station on the opposite side of the main ridge. After 3 hours of climbing and jumping we are returning back from the rocky ridge on 4500m.

We had to go back to Los Nevados too (jeep back). The mountain lake was a good opportunity to make a rest amid thousands of flowers.

There are small "jungles" of these yellow and violet flowers. The middle of november is probably the best time when they are in full blossom.

After lake we had a small climbing exercise and then back to our tent and fast way down. At 3 p.m. we're in Los Nevados, jeep was waiting. In the village was together seven foreigners, seven were Czechs :-)). Fortunatelly no rains last two days and mud went dry. It was for us surprise, how "easy" return way was. We took night bus to Maracay.

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