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We took minibus (20B/per) from airport to town (20km). On a way we are passing by road turning towards Sudan border. It's 5 hours by bus. It was my primarly intention to came here by land from Egypt but due to time constrains we canceled this adventure :-((. We are taking Ethiopia Hotel. Dirty cheap but dirty too (30B for all = 1,3 USD per person). We visited castle (entrance 50B, videocamera 75B). Weather is O.K. 26 deg partly cloudy.

Castle complex, Royal Enclosure is very nice and quite place built by the Ethiopean Emperors. It's hard to belive (especially when showing photos at home) that this is subsaharean Africa. Gondar was capital of Ethiopia for 200 years.


Next stop was "Fasiladas pool". We wandered little bit around to find it. It is around 2 km from town center in direction to airport. You have to follow main road until appear "amphiteather" on a left side. After him about 200 m from the road again on a left side. Fasiladas pool is oasis of the peace and placidity. Kids are not bugging, nobody is shouting, it is cool, shadow and silence there. Ideal place for meditation.

Return way lead us through slums wrapping up around us 20 kids. Finaly some local sent them away. Thunderstorm was approaching and double rainbow appeared above the town. Hard to resist and not making photos!

We were searching for bus station through "wild" slums together with market on a street. It was twightlight and the only moment of our stay in Ethiopia when I was not feeling "comfortable". Finaly we found bus station and made friends with local policeman "Muluken" which helped us next day. Evening we spend in friendly bar (beer 2,75B). We had a chat with local guide Belay Gida - a very nice guy which gave us a lot of tips and knew about Czechoslovakia. He is guide at the castle (included in entrance). We also discovered that there is different time in Ethiopia! 6 a.m. is their midnight. So bus is leaving tomorrow at 12 (= 6 a.m.).

14.11. The night in hotel was adventurous. We have room with the view to main square but beds were "occupied" by flees and toilet/shower in one smell like hell. At 1 a.m. my ear was snuffed by rat!! At 5:30 Muluken was waiting for us and arranged to enter bus station through the gate. In a front of the gate was big jamed crowd of locals. Ticket to Debark cost us 10,80B/per. We just did fixing of our backpacks on the roof and at 6 a.m. gates were opened. People starts rushing to buses, total mess. On that time we are sitting on bus bench. To be foreigner is sometimes good. Our bench is for three people in a front. Oposite sits man with kalashnikov. We are going towards border with Eritrea ...

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