Ethiopia    Blue Nile Falls

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21.11. Early morning we left tent in hotel and went to bus station. Linda/Phil/Roger are going to Adis, we are heading to Tis Abbay to see famous Blue Nile Falls. We didnt managed to get into first two buses to Tis Abbay and were waiting for two hours. Finaly at 8:30 a.m. we left Bahir in packed minibus. Voyage was again nightmare but was cheap 3B :-). We bought tickets in booth (15B/per, 5B with ISIC card). First part was through dirty local village than via concrete construction of the future hydroelectric plant.

We passed old Portugese bridge in a way toward waterfalls. They are fabulous. Go there early morning to see nice rainbow.

The most impressive experience was walk down to the water wall.

We are relaxing on a bank of the small river and than waiting one hour for bus connection to Bahir. Tom and Dan are slightly sick (flu and throat ache). It is from cold in mountains. Return way in overpacked bus is again adventure. At the evening with Dan we lent bicycles (2B/hr oposite Telecom building) and with guidance of local boy we went to the outskirts of the town, continued alongside river Nile toward Haile Selasie palace. We were surrounded by begging children. Sunset was fantastic! Return way we did in darkness. Same evening we arranged lancruiser car to Adis.

[ Crater Lake Hora close to Debre Zeyit ]

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