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23.11. We are using spare time before our flight to Tanzania for short trip south of Adis to visit crater lakes. We took a bus (bus stop is right side of railway station) to Debre Zeyit (3,50B/per). Asphalt road is very good (built partially from EU funds) It took one hour to get there. We visited lake Bishoftu located in town first. It was just nothing special in comparsion what we saw later on. Next stop was beautiful lake Hora. There is recreation area on a coast and you have to pay entrance even going to restaurant (2B/per). But view from restaurants' terase was also nice.

photo Dan Michálek

We did circle trip around the lake. There was a huge amount of birds everywhere. I can guess just about 20 spieces. Real paradise for ornithologists ...

foto D.M.

foto D.M.

The path is leading out of coast to asphalt road first then you have to go back to lake after cca 200m by another trail. We came to beautiful place with accacia trees and sacred Oromo tribe place under huge fig tree. The place was slightly mystic. We came just after ceremony and small fireplaces were still smoking....

We are continuing around the lake by very rough trail through opuncia and sugar cane(?) tunnels watching "tons" of birds finally reaching egde of the crater rim with fantastic view. There are other lakes around. One of them is hosting thousands of flamengo birds. We came back via christian church overlooking town to Debre Zeyit and returned by bus to Adis. This trip is worth in any case, even for half day trip from Adis as we did. The best is to reserve whole day, than you can relax and spend more time birdwatching.

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